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Here are some photographs of the groups, taken from the back of the album jackets.
More to follow.

        Click on scans for larger images

The Imperial Gospel Singers

The Swindell Brothers
and Rev. Johnnie Wilkerson

Big John and the Golden Echoes

The Roberta Martin Singers

The Might Gospel Giants

The Banks Brothers

James Cleveland and the Cleveland Singers

The Jewel Gospel Singers

The Gospel Lords of Harmony

The Epps Gospel Singers

Dolores Barrett and the Barrett Singers

Dorothy Norwood

The Gospel Lords of Harmony

Bill Moss and the Celestials

Evangelist Rosie Wallace

Dr. C.J. Johnson

The Boyer Brothers

The Flying Clouds of Montgomery, AL

The Sunrising Kings

The Howard Lemon Singers

The Morning Stars of Savannah, GA

Harrison Johnson

Rev. Charles Watkins

O'Neal Twins

Esther Ford and the Exodus Singers

The Meditation Singers

The Anna Murrell Singers

The Birds of Harmony

Jessy Dixon

The Drayton Gospel Singers

The Gospel Winders

The Bonnett Harmonizers of Washington, DC

Rev. Robert J. Lucas